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It's Good To Be Green.

The first week back in Term 3 has been a very exciting one for Year 6 pupils,  packed with inspiring environmentally friendly activities.

In addition to a green twist in English, Guided Reading and Science lessons, the children made full use of the fantastic outdoor environment by having an eco hunt and using the Playpod equipment to explore how to communicate and  play creatively without paper. 

The highlights of the week however, were the Forest School sessions whereby the children learned a range of new skills linked to the outdoor environment such as fire and den building. The sessions were very informative as well as being great fun. They even involved hotdogs and hot chocolate!!


Last week Year 6 were fortunate enough to visit the Bristol and West Jewish Congregation synagogue as part of their Religious Education. They were able to learn about a lot of new information about how Jewish people worship and celebrate throughout the year. Year 6 asked many thoughtful questions and really enjoyed looking at the Torah scrolls during their visit.


On Monday the 12th November, the children in Year 6 spent the morning at the Lifeskills Centre in Bristol taking part in role play activities and learning vital skills needed for life. The Centre is made up of a series of realistic, everyday scenarios where the children must spot dangers and react appropriately under the watchful eye of experienced staff and volunteers. On the training, they learned how to make emergency phone calls, administer basic lifesaving first aid, shop for healthy food and how to cross the road safely in a modern world full of distractions. The children, staff and other adults who attended, all thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst learning some invaluable skills for life. It was a great school trip and one which the children will hopefully remember for a long time to come!