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A Letter to My Classmate - Class 10

A Letter from Miss Pannell

A message from Inaya


Hi class 10

How are you all? I miss you all so much! It's been very strange here in Spain but I think it is for you too! When we first got here I had one week on holiday, I went to the zoo, to a marina and saw dolphins leaping into the air! I went on a huge cable car ride up into the mountains and saw a bird of prey display and even got to hold a massive bird which was awesome.

Then I had to start my new school, it was weird being there without you all and not knowing anyone I was really missing you all a lot! I spent two weeks at my new school, I made a friend and did some cool new classes, turns out it was quite fun at my new school, I'm even learning some Chinese! Then we all had to go into lockdown and stay in my apartment. I wasn't allowed to go out at all for six weeks! We still have to do school work and I have to do lessons everyday, I was hoping we were all going to have a holiday but my mummy said I had to work! 

Finally they let us go out for walks but only at a certain times, it was so good to be outside after 6 weeks though and last weekend my mummy took Elina and me to the beach for a walk and we even had a little sneaky swim in the sea, it was great! 

I miss you all,

Lots of love Inaya.

Letters from Class 10