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One thing many of us have really appreciated in lockdown is the beauty of the English countryside, parks and gardens. This week we are taking inspiration from the book, ‘I am the seed that grew the tree’. This book is filled with poems all about nature; you will find some of the poems on the website for inspiration! 


To create our poems we will need to use our imagination to describe. We will use a range of figurative devices such as similes and metaphors. Watch the daily videos to find out what you need to do. We hope you really enjoy it! 

If you would like, with the help of a parent, grandparent or guardian, you could even entre your poem for this competition:

A selection of poems from, 'I am a seed that grew into a tree'

Day 1

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Nature walk inspiration

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Today we would like you to look the nature around you and be inspired by it, ready for tomorrow's lesson. If you can't get out to do your own nature walk we have filmed our own that you can watch and be inspired by. Listen to the sounds, smell the different aromas, feel the different textures, see the different colours and taste the different flavours (fruit and vegetables!)

Day 2 video lesson

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Day 3 video lesson

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Day 4 video lesson

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Day 5 video lesson

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Happy Friday! Today we are giving you a free writing lesson. Write about anything in nature. You could write fiction, non-fiction, a description or even another poem. We are letting you decide! We can't wait to see all the different things you come up with!