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A letter for year three

Day one

Today we would like you to mind map all the things that have happened since lockdown started. Think about:

  • What have you enjoyed doing?
  • What do you do on a normal day?
  • What has been hard during this time?
  • What are you looking forward to? 


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Day two

Use the planning sheet to draft out your key points you want to write about in your own letter. Use your mind map from yesterday to help you. This is your thinking time where you consider what you want to include in your letter and in what order you want to write things.


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Day three

Time to get writing. Write your introduction and what you have been doing. Remember, reread your work, can you edit to correct and improve? 

Please remember:

  • A date and greeting (Hi/ Hello/ Dear/ To_____ ,)
  • Introduction paragraph
  • What you have been doing paragraph



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Day four

Get writing take two! Today, you will need to:

  • Read where you got up to yesterday 
  • Write short paragraphs for the final sections from your planning sheet
  • Closing paragraph about the future and seeing everyone soon
  • Sign off (Take care/ I hope to see you soon/ I look forward to seeing you all again/ Love from)

Day five 

Draw or collect pictures to illustrate some of your lockdown experiences.