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Questions and answers about the return to school and your new class

We are really looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces again in school! However, you may have questions you would like to ask about your return and transition into year 4. If you have a question please get in contact and let us know when we call up. We will try to answer as many as we can although, we may not be able to answer all! We will share all questions and answers here. 

How normal will it be?

It will be different, you will have: different learning spaces, you will have to wash your hands A LOT, you will do all your work on your designated table, you can't share pens and pencils and we can't give a hug to our friends. 

Will I be able to play football at break time?

There will be an opportunity to play with specific equipment at breaks and you will stay with your class or bubble you are in for the rest of the day.

Will I be able to play with children from other classes?

Currently, children stay with their friends in their class and they have playtimes at different times. 

Where will I eat my lunch?

Currently, children have their lunch in their classrooms (a bit like when we had lunch in class at Christmas). 

Will we be in different learning spaces?

Most likely you will have a different learning space. All the tables have been moved. The best thing about the new learning spaces is that you have lots of your own space! 

How many people will be in the classroom at the same time?

Currently, there are no more than 15 children in a class at a time. For your meet the teacher day there are no more than 10 a day. 

Will we have break time at the same time as we usually do?

Break times are all at different times at the moment.