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Welcome to the spelling section of your home learning! Please work through the lessons for each day (detailed below).

Practise your spelling list ready for a test on Friday. You can play the games on Spelling Shed to help you remember them.


Nouns: sure eye who Mr Mrs parents Christmas everybody even /9 (end of unit, we will go back and revise the tricky ones starting next week) 


Verbs: happily angrily lazily easily busily greedily messily wearily cheekily clumsily /10




WALT: find words in a word search


Print out the word search and circle or highlight the spellings from last week. 


WALTCreate adverbs using suffix –ly (root word ends in ‘y’ with more than one syllable)


Work through the presentation.


WALT: use a variety of spelling strategies


Choose a strategy to practise your spelling list. 


WALT: create sentences using your spelling list




WALT: Test


Time to test your spellings!