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St Anne's CE VC Primary School Respect Responsibility Friendship Excellence

Term 2

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

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Here are Class 9 reciting 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. Enjoy!

As part of our Science unit, we have been exploring how pitch can be changed in different instruments. We made our own pan pipes to investigate this. We found out that generally, the shorter, tighter, thinner the object is, the higher pitch the sound will be. This is because the vibrations will be faster. The longer, looser or thicker the object is, the lower the pitch of the sound will be. This is because vibrations will be slower.




Kindness Week

We celebrated Kindness Week. We learnt about how important being kind is and the changes which take place in your brain when you are kind or someone is kind to you. Did you know that being kind boosts happiness, is contagious and can lower your blood pressure?


Over the week we took part in mindfulness activities, handed out Caught You Being Kind Cards, awarded Kindness Certificates, signed our anti-bullying charter and completed a Five Days Of Kindness activity where we recorded a kind act we did each day.



Children In Need

During Children In Need week, we took part in their Five to Thrive scheme. Each day, we focussed on a different way to promote our well-being. We also took part in Joe Wicks' 5 Minute Move daily which was great fun and got our hearts pumping!

Scoot Workshop

Today we had a Scoot workshop run by Andy from the Road Safety and Sustainable Travel Team. We learnt about how to use our scooters safety, maintain them and travel to school safely on them. We had a great time. Thank you, Andy.