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Year 6 2019/20


Dear Year 6,

This year has been like no other. At times, it has been extremely difficult for us all - both here at St Anne’s and in the wider community of all our family and friends. However, despite all of the uncertainty and worry, one thing has not changed- how proud we are of you all. All of you, whether in school or at home, have remained positive and have tried your very best to carry on under very difficult circumstances. Sadly, you have had to miss out on some of the real privileges that being in Year 6 presents. This includes going to camp and your end of term party, but you have remained cheerful and have been able to enjoy the activities that you have taken part in to the fullest. Together as a team, you have been a truly wonderful year group and one which we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching. We wish you every success in your journey throughout secondary school and just remember having got through this year, you can get through anything that life may throw at you!

Take care,

Mrs Page and Mrs Schlick

Hello Year 6!

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Welcome Back Year 6! Hopefully you have enjoyed your half term break and this amazing weather that we have been having. As you know, we will now be busy in the classrooms and will be lucky enough to see some of you in person for the first time in months. Many of you will also be continuing with your learning at home and we will be doing our best to stay in contact with you throughout the coming weeks. Wherever you may be doing your learning, we are so proud of you! Keep smiling smiley

Hey Year 6- it's half term!!

We hope you all have a wonderful break and enjoy spending time with your families.You will find the holiday homework on our page which includes a choice of activities for you to choose from!


As always, you have worked incredibly hard this term and we are really proud of all the hard work and commitment that you have shown in your home learning. It has also been fantastic to catch up with you all and your news on the telephone when we have called.


Take care, stay safe and enjoy the half term break. 

From all of the Year 6 team   24.05.20


smiley Hello Year 6 smiley

As always, we continue to be amazed by you all. It has been wonderful to hear from you and your families and to see what you have been up to through your photographs and emails. We were sent a video from the St Anne's children this week and it was lovely to see some of you and your read your messages- we miss you all so much, so this meant a lot to us. Please continue to send your home learning, photographs and letters in so that we can upload them onto the school website for all of your friends to see. Your dedication and commitment to your home learning has been incredible and we just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic attitude and effort! As well as your work, on the home learning page there are also some fun ideas and suggestions for activities that you could do whilst at home with your families. Finally, if you want additional Maths and English challenges, there are daily activities in the extra work section. 

yes Why not give them a try. yes

Hello Year 6 from some familiar faces of the Year 6 Team!

Well done to the Year 6 boys! You smashed last week's competition! Thank you to all who took part smiley

A message from your teachers

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Hello Year 6. We are really missing you all but have loved hearing about all the fantastic things that you have been doing whilst staying safe at home. We thought that you might like to find out what we have been doing too.

My yoga warm ups aren't a patch on yours Class 14!

Hello from the Page Household!

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I hope you enjoyed my little video! I forgot to mention I'm also spending a lot of time keeping fit and exercising - apologies for my sports kit and messy hair as I had just finished a lunchtime workout before filming! Miss you and see you soon!


Hi there Year 6, I hope you are all keeping well and working hard on those very important times tables.

I am missing you all and am looking forward to seeing you all again at some point in the near future. Here are a couple of photos to hopefully give you a giggle. Stay safe. Mrs Beese

Congratulations to William for making it through the first round of the BBC 500 Words Competition!

smiley Hello again Year 6! smiley


We hope you are all well, had a restful weekend and enjoyed the fine weather safely! It was great to receive more letters this week (the first week of Term 5) and to find out what you have been doing. If you haven't yet sent your letter in, please e-mail it to the school office so we can upload it onto this page for you all to read. It is great to keep on touch with each other in this way; it helps to keep all our spirits up!


As your teachers,  we are beginning to make telephone calls to families to check in and see how you are. Last week we managed to speak to quite a few of you; it sounds like you are hard at work on your home learning and that some of you are keeping busy with your exercise and having lots of fun communicating with each other! When we call you for a catch up, be aware that the number may come up as a withheld number if we are calling you from our homes. This week you have continued to impress us with your learning so we wanted to say a big thank you for your brilliant attitude and fantastic effort. It has been great to see just how creative some of you are. Remember to keep in touch so that we can share all of your amazing work with each other on the website.

Best wishes

Mrs Page and Mrs Schlick


yes Hello Year 6 and welcome back to Term 5 ! yes

We hope that you and your families had a peaceful and enjoyable Easter break. We have all been so impressed with the learning that has been sent to us and have really enjoyed reading your messages. When we were looking through our class pages, we were amazed at some of the work that has been sent. We have also really enjoyed hearing about all the other things that you have been up to and have been very interested to read your letters and see your photographs. It would be wonderful to hear from you all, so if you haven't yet sent your letter in, please e-mail it to the school office so we can upload it onto our pages for you all to read. 

Our new topic for this term is  'Superheroes' so every week we will add new learning activities for you to complete. If you have finished all of your home learning and would like extra work, look in the folder below. We are missing you all and can't wait to receive your messages, letters and home learning which really does cheer us up and brighten our days. Best wishes and take care

Mrs Page and Mrs Schlick

smiley Welcome to Year 6 ! smiley

Home Learning Activities During School Closure

We hope that you are looking after yourselves and that you and your families are well. We have designed  a weekly planner in which you can find activities to keep you busy at home. The work should link to the learning that we would have done at school. It is really important to continue learning whilst you are away from school. Remember if you don’t use it, you could lose it!We have been really pleased and proud of the effort that you have shown so far this year and the progress that you have made; keep up the hard work. Please use the school e-mail address with any questions or just to keep in touch!

Best wishes and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Mrs Page and Mrs Schlick


PS: Don't forget to stay active throughout your time at home as well! Plan some time each day to go outdoors or use some of the websites that we have talked about in class like BBC SuperMovers, GoNoodle or 5 a day TV :)


smiley Hello Again Year 6 smiley


What fantastic work you have been doing! We have been so impressed with learning that has been sent to us and have really enjoyed reading your messages. Thank you to you all for your hard work and wonderful learning during this time away from school. We hope you enjoy the activities that have been set. We have also enjoyed hearing about some of the other activities that you have been doing outside the classroom.

Please keep sending the messages, work and photographs. We look forward to finding out what you have all been doing! Let us know if you are happy for us to upload your work or photographs when you e-mail us so we can continue to share our learning with each other. 


A big thank you to all of our families, it was lovely to speak to so many of you this week, we really appreciate your continued support.  For those of you who were unable to make an appointment, we will be in touch soon to arrange a convenient time to talk.


 To keep your minds active, we have set you some quick Maths and English activities to do over the Easter holidays. 

Wishing you all a very happy Easter, take care and stay in touch!


Best wishes 

Mrs Page and Mrs Schlick


Well done to everyone who took part in this week's Battle of the Bands tournament.

It was a close race but Class 13 are the champions!


Thank you to all those who completed the 'Land That Time Forgot' homework.

We enjoyed World Book Day in Year 6. We dressed up as book characters and shared books with our buddies.

Look what appeared outside our classroom! We used it as a stimulus for writing formal letters of complaint.

In Class 14, we discovered our 'inner brave' as part of Children's Mental Health Week. Miss Rankin (a Contingency Firefighter) brought in her uniform for us to try on.

Class 14 enjoying a gymnastics lesson with a professional coach.

The Land That Time Forgot

Year 6 recently enjoyed a Road Safety Workshop. They had a lot of fun reviewing different road safety rules and tips through the use of familiar games with a 'road safety' twist. 

Year 5 and 6 Writing Day with fiction, science fiction and non-fiction writer Nick Cook.

                   Year 6 Visit to Lifeskills -  Bristol. 25.11.19


On Monday 25th November, Year 6 went on a trip to the Lifeskills Centre in Bristol where we spent the morning learning how to cope in different real-life scenarios. In fact it was such a fantastic trip that we all came away inspired. Read an example of our persuasive writing linked to the trip.


Do you want to save lives? Would you find it cool if you were put in dangerous real-life scenarios? If you said yes to any of the above, then Lifeskills is the trip destination for you. Both educational and fun, it has many things that you can learn about: how to behave in a station safety; what to do if you hear a scream in a dark alley; the safest ways to cross the road, how to make an emergency phone call; fire safety and much, much more. Nothing could be more important than saving your own life or that of another person could it? To find out more read on.    


Lifeskills Fact File

Lifeskills is located in the centre of Bristol and was officially opened by Princess Ann in 2000. Did you know that over 175,000 people have been trained there since it opened- think of how many lives all those people could have saved! At the centre many scenes have been set up for children to explore under expert supervision: an alley way; a train station; a road; a beach are just a few examples of many. Investigating the ‘village ‘in small groups, all of the children work together to help each other whilst learning and having fun.


Road Sense

Despite the lower speed limits being adopted and made law near schools, there are still a high number of accidents that involve children; some of these accidents could be caused by young people and children always being on their phones while they are crossing roads and as a result being injured by cars. At Lifeskills, the highly trained volunteers teach children how to cross roads safely and some of the dangers that cars can present.


999 Emergency

Ever wanted to practise making an emergency call? In the real world it is just not possible to dial 999 unless you are in a real emergency as you could put someone else in danger. Lifeskills however has the technology to enable you to make a 999 call safely without putting others at risk. After witnessing a fictional emergency situation, you can ring 999 for the operator and then be connected to either the Police, Ambulance or Fire Service. Once connected, you can learn how to give clear and vital life-saving information to those who need it. What a clever simulation idea!



In conclusion, the Lifeskills Centre can provide high quality training in addition to a fun filled experience. However as you can appreciate, with all this training on offer, the Centre is always a popular choice for school visits and trips. Therefore it is of paramount importance that any schools wishing to arrange a visit do so early to avoid disappointment. 

In Year 6 we enjoy using our new library when reading for pleasure and for researching our World War Two topic.