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Active Travel

Active Travel at St. Anne's

Why do we promote active travel?


Our school promotes walking and cycling because…

It helps keep our students fitter and healthy and research shows being active can help students concentrate better and increase their levels of achievement.

By walking or cycling our school community can help reduce the number of vehicles on the road making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists and easier for local residents. It also reduces the pollution caused from exhaust fumes helping combat climate change and create cleaner air.


How can we travel actively to St. Anne's?

We encourage our children to walk, scoot or cycle to school. On our grounds, we have a large cycle store plus scooter storage facilities too.

If walking, scooting or cycling all the way to school won't work for your family, then we encourage children to park and stride. This means parking within the five or ten minute walking zones identified on the map below.

If you walk past a Burst the Bubble sticker on a lamp post, you know that you have actively travelled to our school.

Active Travel Zone Map

Why is active travel important?


1. Cleaner air – reducing cars helps reduce air pollution around the school gates.

2. Helps tackle climate change – by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

3. Students are healthier and fitter – young people should have at least an hour of physical activity every day – walking or cycling to school contributes to this time.

4. Helps students unwind at the end of the day – walking or cycling home gives them time to think.

5. Improves concentration – studies have shown that students who are active are ready to learn and do better in their studies.

6. Gives students more independence – walking or cycling without parents helps them develop skills for independent living when they are adults.

7. Reduces congestion – as there are less cars on the road, making it more pleasant environment for everyone.

8. Quicker than sitting in traffic

9. Improves road safety at the school gates – because there is reduced traffic and parked cars.

10. It’s cheaper to walk or cycle – as it saves on fuel.

Active Travel Facts

  • One in four cars on the road are on the school run and greenhouse gas emissions from road transport made up around a fifth of the UK’s total GHG emissions. Greenhouse gases contribute to climate change.
  • Air pollution causes 64,000 deaths annually in the UK, and a reduction of 1.5 years in average life expectancy. Air pollution affects the rates not just of respiratory diseases but also cardiovascular diseases like heart failure.
  • More than a third of children are overweight (including obese) by the time they leave primary school. Child obesity strongly indicates to adult obesity – which in turn can lead to poor health outcomes including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression and premature death.
  • Children and young people aged 13-16 (Years 9-11) are the least likely to be active and travel to and from school can contribute up to half of a young person’s overall physical activity.
  • Just 34% of secondary school children walk to school, and only 3% cycle to school.

Active Travel Photos