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MFL (Modern Foreign Language)

Rationale for the teaching of MfL


The Modern Foreign Languages aspect of the curriculum enables pupils to develop curiosity, intrigue and understanding into the world around them. By choosing French as our main language of focus, it means that children can learn a language which is spoken commonly within both their local area and the wider world. We want all children to enjoy learning French through practical, engaging activities which will lead them to develop the confidence to speak, listen, read and write the language alongside a curiosity into the country’s culture and customs. Although our current MFL taught is French, we strive to provide children with opportunities to experience another language and celebrate the growing diversity of our pupils and the languages they speak to encourage pupils to show desire to continue their language learning past KS2.


How we teach and learn MfL at St Anne’s


At St Anne’s, KS2 classes follow the ‘Language Angels’ scheme which ensures a progressive approach through each year group, meaning that the children will continually build on previously learnt skills throughout their time at the school as per the long-term plan. The scheme provides lesson plans, assessments and colourful, interactive slideshow resources.


Over time, children at St Anne’s will learn to read, write and speak the French language with many opportunities to listen attentively as well as engage in conversations and discussions. Patterns and sounds within the French language are explored through a combination of songs, games, rhymes, videos and stories. The lesson structure incorporates clear and achievable objectives and will provide enable children to recap previous learning.


KS2 children (aged 7 to 11) receive 30 minutes of French teaching each week, within which they have opportunities to develop their confidence. 6 lessons are taught across the term, followed by an assessment task. KS1 children are also exposed to the French language through focus days as well as some interaction with the Language Angels resources. In EYFS the children may also visit languages as part of their Understanding the World (people and communities) exploration.


French is recorded in specific books from Year 3 which the children take with them as they move up through the school so that previous learning is accessible to all. This recording can occur in a variety of ways including: individual written tasks, records of conversations, photographs and art work. Within their lessons, children will have the chance to work in different ways including group work, whole-class sessions, paired work and independent tasks.