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St Anne's CE VC Primary School Respect Responsibility Friendship Excellence

Star Mathematician

This week's star mathematician award goes to Elise for her continued hard work on learning her tables and the effort that she put into planning and budgeting for her dream holiday. Well Done Elise

Great problem solving skills involving percentages. 

Well done with your investigation work on cakes. 

Brilliant effort and focus in maths. 

Brilliant arithmetic today - your column addition and subtraction is really improving!

Each week we will be looking for a Star Mathematician in each class. This will be someone who has shown real excellence in their problem solving and reasoning skills and has reflected some of our 'Learning To Learn' characteristics in their approach to learning.

Beautifully presented work - well done. 

You have worked so hard on your times tables and are making good progress. Well done. 

Brilliant work on calculating mystery angles. You estimated first- a great strategy to apply. 

Excellent effort with your tables and strategies for arithmetic - Well done. 

Great work on volume. 

Brilliant effort and work on area of triangles and parallelograms. Well Done. 

Fantastic work on pie charts- well done. 

Great work in measures, are and perimeter. Well done.

What a positive attitude towards our work on algebra. You showed great determination and resilience and achieved a great deal. Well done. 

For your wonderful work on algebra!

Your maths is really improving - well done you for all your effort with algebra!

Fantastic maths work on percentages- well done for completing the more challenging work.

Great resilience in maths dealing with percentages - two awards in one!

Lauren is always pushing herself in maths.

Priya has really been pushing herself in maths lately. Well done!