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Attendance and lateness

At St. Anne’s we know how important regular attendance at school is in order for children to achieve their best.  We want to work in partnership with parents so that school and home are reinforcing the same message of the value of education.


Regular attendance enables each pupil to fulfil his/her potential at all levels. Research links attendance with achievement, indicating that even occasional broken weeks can have a negative effect. It is important that parents and pupils develop a positive attitude to school attendance and punctuality so that children do not miss out on opportunities at school.

St Anne's Attendance Policy



We believe that a pupil arriving late will not receive the best possible outcomes. The Staff and Governors encourage and expect all pupils to attend school regularly. By ‘regular’ our policy states that all children are expected to attend school every day the school is open. Regular attendance in linked to high standards of pupil achievement and progress. Arriving late to school regularly has been shown to have a negative impact on a child’s social and academic well-being. Lateness disrupts lessons, affects achievements and can create anxiety for those children arriving late.


8.45 am


Door open

Registers open

8.50 am

Door close (L – late before close of registers)

9.00 am

Registers close

9.01 am and later

Considered late after register closes (U code- Unauthorised absence)


Holidays during term time


All absence from school affects your child's education. Absence for anything other than through illness or medical reason during term time is actively discouraged. Parent/Carers requesting time out of school for their child during term time should complete the ‘Leave of absence’ request form from the school office/website and return it two weeks prior to the intended absence. Please read our attendance policy for information regarding penalty notices.



Attendance Documents for Parents