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Timetables and supporting resources

Now and Next card to support attention and focus

'Now and Next' cards are really useful for children who find it difficult to focus and attend to tasks. They can be used with a sand timer to organise short bursts of activities into manageable chunks.


1. Draw out two boxes as shown in the picture above and label them 'Now' and 'Next'. 

2. In the first box, draw a picture of the task you are going to be doing now (e.g. numbers for Maths).

3. In the second box, draw a picture of the reward activity you are going to be doing next, when the Maths is done (e.g. a football or Lego).

4. Explain to your child that we are going to do ..... minutes of 'Maths' now and then ..... minutes of 'football' next.

5. Use the sand timer to measure the time.

6. Once each task is completed, cross it off.

7. For older children, it may be more suitable to have 3 boxes where 2 tasks are completed before reward time. Alternatively, it may work better to increase the time for each task. If you are not too sure how long is suitable for your child, please speak to their teacher.